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We love our Historic Oakwood Cemetery which was established in 1861, rising from the generous donation of Richard Fenner Yarborough. We are thrilled to see life being brought back to our city of the dead.


We encourage you to visit our Facebook page to read the many stories. 


Of course, we encourage you to visit our Historic Oakwood Cemetery in person to see it for yourself and learn more about the people who have come before us.

When you visit, please be aware that Mother Nature, Father Time, maintenance crews, and well-meaning Good Samaritans have all taken a toll. Many headstones and monuments have fallen or are leaning and caution is advised. We are in the early stages of cleaning, stabilizing, and repairing as many headstones and monuments as we can. The task is daunting and is both time consuming and expensive.

We will be providing more information for what you can do to help our effort.

See the Events page for our schedule.

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