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On June 9, 2023, board members of Louisburg Historic District, Inc., created a Facebook page titled, "Save The Louisburg Theater," for the express purpose of alerting the public and mounting an effort to preserve the historic theater.

Franklin County government acquired the property in late 2022, with the intent to demolish the building and use the land to expand the growing footprint of government in our Town.

As a result of our efforts, volunteers have come forward to help generate media interest and public interest. The resulting attention through the court of public opinion has pressured the county to delay their previous intentions. Under pressure, the County Manager indicated that the County would seek a feasibility study prior to advancing their plans. We recognize that a feasibility study could easily be a simple gesture to validate their previous decision.

We think the theater should be saved through private sector investment and initiative. To accomplish our objectives, we are pursuing our own feasibility efforts.

We will be coordinating opportunities for the public to help -- through donations of time or money. We have very specific ideas that should deter the demolition and invite preservation.

We will keep you informed!

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